Gwandara Cultural Entity – HRH (Dr.) Sani Mohammed Bako III

The Gwandara people, their cultural beliefs and practice can’t be contested; their beliefs and practices are uniquely, distinctively and purposefully defined. Usually and anywhere culture is as old as human society and is important for both the individual and the society which provides the cultural identity, social and psychological security and a sense of belonging as well as the feeling of “we” among others. In this regard, people or members or the societies are expected to conform to the norms, values, beliefs, customs and tradition of the society.

In view of the above, the Gwandara society is a proper society that everything is anchored and confirmed to their belief and customs as well as their tradition. However, the universal and the relative nature of culture constitute a problem for some people toward a deeper understanding of it. It is a known fact within a culture, certain people act and behave abnormally as well engage in counter-cultural activities that oppose the dominant culture, therefore across Gwandara culture, there are few cases as compare to other culture within Nigeria society which issues of cultural relativism and individual experiences of culture shock and the feeling of ethnocentrism are noticed. This has not betrayed the Gwandara cultural entity in anyway, because it is humanistically that individuals are not static or confined to their own culture as they move around from one cultural environment to another in explanation of cultural entity (symbolsvalues and norms).

With the strong believe that the understanding of culture among our people is not far from our authentic ancestral heritage. Expect more from: Gwandara people and their cultural symbols, values and norms in our nearest posts.

Reference: HRH (Dr.) Sani Mohammed Bako III | Edited & Posted By: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.