The Gwandara Tribe and Belief

Among the Gwandaras, one supreme god is worshiped and goats and sheep are sacrificed to it. Other lesser gods for each village are also worshiped, usually in open circular spaces inside groves approached through avenues of palms. Each village has two temples, which are essentially mud huts containing the village god.
Many Gwandara believe that they possess the power to turn themselves into hyenas, which supposedly respect the Gwandara. The Gwandara have Muslim and Christian resources available to them.

Traditional Prayer Points
1. Ask the Holy Spirit to grant wisdom and favor to any missions agencies focusing on the Gwandara.
2. Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people for the Gospel.
3. Ask God to raise up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through worship and intercession.

Story by: M.M-Mustapha (CEO: 3M – Links Limited)