CULTURAL PROMOTION: Culture has been defined as the totality of life practice by people of same ethnic. The Gwandara tribe are the most inclined people when it comes to culture; therefore it has become important to play a vital role in promoting cultural heritage or practice.

POLITICAL: Politics lead the way in all aspect of human race. GWADECA has mandated herself in doing everything possible to create an avenue for political cautions while presenting it to the younger generations in a manner of recognition. Addressing Political Conflicts –  the need to respond more effectively to crisis situations in the face of breakdown of traditional, social and political structures bring about the of growth and development of Gwandara nation. 

ADDING VALUES TO EDUCATION: Education it’s said to be for comfort and confidence of an individual. Education has it all when it comes to rank and personalities. GWADECA has made it as an obligation towards enhancing educational values to the Gwandara youth nationwide.

CREATION OF UNITY: Unity is what defined progress… .. . (M.M-Mustapha – 2017). GWADECA will also make sure the Gwandara sons and daughters are united nationwide.

SERVICE TO HUMANITY: GWADECA is an organization that is flexible and democratic in its power and attempts to serve the people (Gwandaras Nation) without profits for itself. We are also known as the grassroots development organization for Gwandara at large.

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