GWADECA – FCT Chapter, Scheduled 19th & 20th December, 2020 to Hold Gwandara Festive Day At Dutsen-Alhaji.

Chairperson (Abuja Chapter) – Alh. Jibril Abdullahi Imam – Karshi, earlier this year pronounced that there is a need for Gwandara cultural festive to be held at Dutsen-Alhaji, FCT Abuja so as to preserve and promote Gwandara cultural heritages as usual. Festive season is an informal name for the period leading up to and including the holidays and for people who celebrate culture, the festive season can mean about the same as other form of celebration. But, similar to the terms holiday season and the holidays, the term festive-season is typically used to encompass all of the holidays that occur during this time, regardless of whether the person using the term festive season to celebrates them or not. With reference to GWADECA Service to Gwandara nations, GWADECA is an organization that is flexible and democratic in its power and attempts to serve the people (Gwandaras Nation) without profits for itself. GWADECA are also known as the grassroots development organization for Gwandara at large. Whereas the GWADECA’s Cultural Roles goes inline with the definition of culture been defined as the totality of life practice by people of same ethnic. The Gwandara tribe are the most inclined people when it comes to culture; therefore, it has become important to play a vital role in promoting cultural heritage or practice by organizing such annual occasions.

Gwandara Development, Educational & Cultural Association – owns by the Gwandara speaking people of Nigeria serving the Gwandara sons and daughters with the primary aim of adding values to culture, education and as well as to seek for developmental strides has scheduled: 19th (Saturday) & 20th (Sunday) December, 2020 to hold Gwandara Festive Day at LEA Primary School – Dutsen Alhaji, FCT Abuja. Activities Commence: 9:00AM Daily.

Alh. Jibril Imam – Karshi said that it has become necessary for Gwandara ethnic group to revive their cultures and traditions going into extinction. He said that promotion of Nigeria’s culture would curtail Western influence on the citizens.

Quoting the Emir of Kwandere – Alh. Al-Makura, He advised the younger generation should be encouraged to participate actively in upcoming Gwandara festival to be able to appreciate them and give less attention to foreign ways of lives. He also said undue Western influence was misleading some young Nigerians, some of who, he said, had been involved in vices. He described the cultural heritages by Gwandara people as timely in view of its importance to the present generation fast losing cultural values, norms and identities.

Reference: Alh. Jibril Abdullahi Imam – Karshi (GWADECA, Chairman – FCT Chapter) | Edited & Posted By: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.