We Stand For Peace

GWADECA is widely assumed to be an important actor for development, education, and more also peace building. As such, substantive focus has been given towards building and strengthening Gwandara Sons and Daughters through us – Sambari Nyamata Gwandara Development & Cultural Association; especially in experiencing or emerging from situations of conflicts.

In such environments, we (Sambari Nyamata Gwandara Development and Cultural Association) – the GWADECA youth wing understood as playing an important role in reducing violence, and in facilitating the conditions necessary for building a sustainable peace around the Gwandara nation at large. However, despite this ever-growing emphasis on the role of peace-building, little systematic steps have been taken to empirically support our aim and objectives. As an effort to systematically examine our strength in peace building processes, the aim began by developing a comprehensive framework of making it count.

This framework derived from GWADECA’s Development and Peace Building, outlined possible functions to be played by us within various stages of conflict.  These functions of ours (Sambari Nyamata Gwandara Development And Cultural Association, FCT – Abuja) are:

  1. Protecting interest of individuals
  2. Monitoring & Advocacy
  3. Socialization
  4. Social cohesion
  5. Facilitation and many more.

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