Alh. Yakubu Saidu – Karshi Awarded With National Legacy

A communal self help initiator, a global environmentalist, a political and as well as a business mogul, an independent systems builder, the founder of Y.S Support Group – the rain makers of our time; contributing to the rise of political, social, cultural and economical values; MD/CEO – Masarki Nigeria Limited.

Alh. Yakubu Saidu Tella – Karshi

The Chairman of the MASARKI Construction Company Nigeria LTD, Alh Yakubu Saidu – Karshi emerged as one of recipient of the 10th editorial edition of the Nigerian legacy award, by the Nigerian National Legacy Award. He emerged among other prominent Nigeria National leaders, we are really overwhelmed with the National award given to our Boss, this signifies that our Boss has contributed a lot towards the well being of other people. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Resonate in each human being committed to a purpose larger than oneself. Charitable deeds are in fact so much greater than the act of giving. Even the smallest gesture of kindness can be trans-formative. Moreover, kindness has a ripple effect called “paying it forward.” My Boss Congratulations again and again. For Alh. Yakubu Saidu Karshi, his philanthropy is just a fact of life. He is always busy putting smiles in the faces of the poor and the needy, towards upbringing for instilling the values of giving back to the community. It is something you just do. He believes that being intertwined with the texture and the fabric of the community, people can have an impact and keep what is important to people, his contributions allow people to expand their network of friends, colleagues and others.

Accepting this award is a difficult and uncomfortable experience for Alh. Yakubu, but  everyone who knows him understands that Yakubu go quietly about making our communities and the FCT at large better and seek no fanfare, but rather see the value of his philanthropic efforts through the positive effects seen across the FCT.

Summarized in one of his many nominations, his humble and unassuming presence belies a commitment to a variety of organizations and in the FCT, Yakubu do not ask for recognition, he just want to make our communities in the  FCT a great place to live and to preserve the places, make our communities special and unique. Congratulations once again my Boss.

Reference: Comrade Ahmed Abdullahi (JUSTICE) | Prefixed by: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.