Gwandara Cultural Values – HRH (Dr.) Sani Mohammed Bako III

The Nigerian Gwandara Cultural values are characterized by passive acceptance and high tolerance of frustration; and they emphasize traditional rather than rationalism, consensus rather than conflict and respect for elders and seniors, communal relationship; and group identity rather than individualism.

GWADECA Youth Wing – Niger state chapter

The cultural values emphasized destiny and divine intervention in solving individual and collective problems of the Gwandara people of Karshi Emirate. However, it is evident that cultural values could change with time. In the past, the Nigerian Gwandara cultural value was dominated by the people a preference for a male child rather than female children, early marriage for girls, denying them western education was common in the emirate, female seclusion and gender in equality was also very common among Gwandara people. But these traditional values are gradually changing and are on the decrease among Gwandara people. A number of girls recently get married late, acquire western education, work in formal organizations and are becoming economically empowered (Terver Audu,2016).

Gwandara cultural values are very vital in Nigeria and indeed the whole human society anywhere in the world. Without shared values, members of society (Gwandara) would be unlikely to cooperate and work together. With differing conflicting values, members of Gwandara society would often be pulling in different directions and pursuing incompatible goals and the result would be disruption and disorder in the Gwandara Kingdom. This value-oriented nature is a veritable instrument of Gwandara ideological compatibility. It has enhanced perfect order and non-disruption of peace within the emirate, therefore Gwandara is completely known as a strong cultural entity within Northern Nigeria.

As edited and posted by: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.